Slow Week, Fast Tech

Can’t believe it is just Wednesday. Time seems to have a mind of its own… when you least expect it, the minutes and seconds zip by so fast that all you realise is the start of another week, but when you try to be particular with time, it taunts with its incredible slow-mo movements.

I have been updating, importing and exporting my outlook email addresses to my new email account with Gmail. Pretty impressive email system, quite pleased with it except that I would like to have different fonts, font colours and font sizes.

A friend of mine had reminded me twice to send her postcards from HK, ‘cos she enjoys receiving it. She is also the same person who likes to send Xmas cards and asked me if I send them. I look at her sheepishly and said that the last time I sent xmas cards was when I was in secondary school. And even then, I was quite selective with whom I sent the cards to. I simply don’t have the habit of sending cards of whatever purpose and asked her if e-cards will suffice.

The first thing I do when I wake up is to switch on my notebook and whenever I am free during the day, I am in front of it. With that, I realise how dependent I am on technology. I doubt I can live very well without my notebook/PC, the Internet and my emails. Even my NIV bible is on my PDA while the commentary is on my PC. A couple of times, I forgot to take my mobile phone along with me and found public telephones to be alien. I had lost my mobile phone once and had to get a replacement the next day. Thanks to the contacts on my PDA, I managed to retrieve 85% of my contacts. It’s a necessary evil, I suppose.

I will be doing something different today, a haircut and highlights this afternoon followed by dinner and massage at a spa. But when I get home, the notebook beckons….

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