Luv Match

I had attended a wedding dinner last evening – couple looked good together, food was fine, wine was weak, people that I sat with was a fun bunch, irritated a friend and felt bad after that.
Wedding dinners do remind me of mine held two and a half years ago. My wedding was held over two days – Part 1 being the church reception and Part 2 the wedding dinner. It would have been great to do without Part 2 so that we could just use the money and splurge on a wonderful and long honeymoon. But we had to cater to the parents who felt that they need to be fed and to show every relative, known and unknown to us, that these two are married.
Some silly moments:
1. D continued eating and watching NBA match while I waited and wondered what was
taking him so long to enter my bedroom with the bouquet.
2. I had to ask my videographer to get D to move his butt and come in.
3. D thought that I was not ready and hence ate and waited.
4. I tried to memorise my vows in the car while waiting for the go-ahead to drive into the
church compound, and realise I felt really nervous.
5. The pastor asked if I was really who I was because it was the first time he saw me in a
6. D seemed to be tearing while I was walking closer towards him down the aisle, and I felt
like crying when I saw his teary eyes, but thought better of ruining my mascara.
7. Before our kiss, the pastor reminded us that a peck would not do and we had to try a
second time.
8. Our pastor again reminded D that he couldn’t change his mind at this juncture even if
he wanted to.
9. My dad forgot that he was the witness when D and I signed our lives to one another
and I had to call him from the pew before we could sign.
10. I was not allowed to wash my gel-up, spray-fixed hair by my mother-in-law (MIL) when
I got home that night… reasons unknown although I have my theories.
11. Didn’t do anything with D that night because I was just too bothered with my
unwashed hair.
12. I woke up early the next morning, just to wash my hair.
13. Both D and I mingled with guests during the dinner separately and we had a tough
time finding one another in the banquet hall.
14. The silly stacked-up glasses didn’t fill up properly when we poured the champagne
into them. Most of the good champagne went to waste.
15. D drank a potent concoction of cognac and excellent red wine and held it well. His
mum insisted to everyone that he couldn’t drink.
16. I was appointed to go to the registry to submit our wedding certificate the next
morning, while D stayed in the hotel to pack up. Wonder why I was chosen for the job.

One response to “Luv Match

  1. didn’t know about numero 11.. hehee.

    Anyway, your wedding was great fun. I remembered both yourself and D were very relaxed during the dinner. You both had time to chit chat with us!!!

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