Original Spin

I should be doing my report but have decided that spilling my words here would be more exciting.

Had gone to watch Shark Tale with my pupils in the morning, came back to school to hound my boys to do a survey before sitting through a long long meeting in the afternoon. Ate a great Soba and Unagi dinner with colleagues, followed by an Original Spin at the nearby Spinelli, a coffee joint. The caffeine in me isn’t really perking me up… and I suppose I am now in my “screensaver mode”, and there is that darn report to do… sigh.

“What do you intend to do for Xmas Eve,” asked my better half, who is currently working in HK.

“Not sure, we could go to church for the Candlelight Service, or maybe the next day,” I replied, mentally counting down the days and weeks when he will be back home.

“Why, you want to hang out with the guys is it?” I asked, hoping he will say no.

And of course, we still don’t know what we will be doing that day. This island that I live in seems to be lacking in things to do. Other than converging on the main shopping district in town to see the Xmas lightup, going to clubs, pubs, cafes with friends or doing the religious thing, there isn’t much to do.

Or is it just a matter of spoilt for choice?

Or perhaps we don’t have the thanksgiving tradition, huddling around the fireplace during the cold winter nights or having snow fights.

Living in the tropics, it’s quite difficult to fathom all that. But the Hollywood movies during each Xmas seasons have somehow filled my tropical, sunkissed mind with mismash concepts or ideals about what Xmas should be. Interesting how images, sounds and impressions change or mould a person’s interpretation of what something should be.

Maybe we will just stay home to watch TV and be “bombarded” with more images and impressions and asked the same questions the following xmas.

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